SAO Fees

The SAO fee structure is set by the Swinburne University Pricing Committee. Fees are the same for Australian and International students.

SAO Fees for 2015

    The fee for all SAO applicants for 2015 is
    AUD $1855.00 per unit (~ US $1611 +)

This applies to students enrolling in the following programs:

    - Master of Science (Astronomy),
    - Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) ,
    - Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy),
    - and individual unit enrolments.
Note that:
  • Payment for the degree of Master of Science, Graduate Diploma of Science and Graduate Certificate of Science is on a per unit basis.
  • The unit fee is subject to review on a yearly basis.
  • One or more textbooks are necessary for most units, and must be purchased separately. Click here for details.
  • The full degree of Master of Science in Astronomy requires satisfactory completion of twelve units; Graduate Diploma of Science in Astronomy requires satisfactory completion of eight units; and Graduate Certificate of Science in Astronomy requires satisfactory completion of fours units.
  • A late non-refundable late fee of AU$200 will apply to all enrolments that are processed any later than one week prior to Week 0.

Swinburne University Postgraduate Full-Fee Paying Policy:

  1. Students must withdraw from a unit of study prior to the census date* to be eligible for a full refund.
  2. Students who enroled late but withdraw prior to the census date are not eligible to a refund on their AU$200 late fee.
  3. No refund is payable to students who withdraw from a course or unit after the census date*.
* The 2015 census dates are: 23 March for Semester 1 and 21 September for Semester 2.

+ As of 12 November 2014, the Australian dollar fetched approx. 86.9 US cents
(Follow this link to access a commercial currency conversion website.)

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