What units of study are there, and How to apply to SAO

Swinburne University of Technology welcomes new enrolments into Swinburne Astronomy Online (SAO).
SAO is offered through Swinburne University (but not through Swinburne Online). One may also apply via Open Universities Australia.

General information about the SAO program, including up-to-date entry requirements, and how to apply for the Graduate Certificate of Science (4 units), the Graduate Diploma of Science (8 units), or the Master of Science (12 units), can be found via the following Swinburne University Course Search links:

Four Units per semester is considered `full-time' study. Many students have jobs or are retired and elect to take their time, enjoying one Unit per semester.

Enquiries can be made in the application process for each program or via https://www.swinburne.edu.au/contact-us/email-your-question/

Applications for entry to the SAO program for future Semesters/Study Periods can be made via the links above.

For current (continuing) SAO students, information on unit enrollments can be found here: https://astronomy.swin.edu.au/sao/students/apply.xml.

Single units of study can be taken outside an award program.

Note: You must tick the box (at the bottom of the webpage reached via the above link) to unlock the "Continue" button required to access the online application form. The two static screen clips below (you can't click on them here) should help guide you through the necessary selection on the above webpage.

Entry requirements for the Graduate Certificate

See the subsection "Course fees and requirements" at this link.

Note: to Future Students

All new students must supply proof of identity when they first apply to enrol, along with copies of the academic transcripts of their prior degrees. Evidence of English language proficiency is also required.

Scanned (digital) certified copies of these documents in PDF format will be accepted via the online application website. Hardcopy versions sent via post will not be accepted. Please note that these documents are not returned if applications are unsuccessful.

(Instructions on accessing the student website are emailed to enrolled students the week before each Semester/Study Period.)

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