SAO Alumni - Where Are They Now?

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Alumni Degree Graduation Activities
Janice Moore GradCert S1 2001 Continues to self-educate about astronomy, particularly interested in history of astronomy and artificial satellites.
Balt Indermühle MSc S2 2002 Now Dr Indermuehle and employed by the Australia Telescope National Facility.
Bruce HarperMScS1 2003Teaching online at University of Kalmar, Sweden
Aaron Price MSc S1 2003 Completed his PhD in science education at Tufts University and is now the Assistant Director of the AAVSO & enrolled in a science education PhD program at Tufts University
Dennis Ward MSc S1 2003 Web Technologist for the Office of Education and Outreach at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. I am also a docent in the Space Science department at the Denver.
Colleen Gino MSc S2 2003 Works at the Dudley Observatory
Richard Kinne MSc S2 2003 Astronomical Technologist for the AAVSO
Andrew Munro MSc S2 2003 Ph.D. (James Cook University), SAO Project Supervisor, Adjunct Professor, University of Oklahoma, College of Liberal Studies
Chuck Pullen MSc S2 2003 Teaching astronomy at Cosumnes River College
Richard Walker MSc S2 2003 Teaching astronomy at a community college in Florida
Jan Barker MSc S1 2004 Continuing on with single unit enrolments!
Emil Lenc MSc S1 2004 Competed a PhD at Swinburne in 2008 and is now a post-doc at U. Sydney!
Anthony Molloy MSc S1 2004 Works at the Spitzer Science Center and recently purchased an 8 Celestron
Randy Smith MSc S1 2004 Teaches astronomy and physics
Sheri Barrington MSc S2 2004 Lecturing in physics, astronomy, geography and computer maintenance at Weymouth College
Mark Burbank MSc S2 2004 Adjunct faculty at University of Washington, teaching astronomy and geology
Thomas Kucharski MSc S2 2004 Trustee for the Orange County Astronomers, California; Docent in training at Palomar Observatory, California; Heavily involved in wide field digital imaging
James Phillips MSc S2 2004 Teaching physics & astronomy at Marianas High School
Jose Ribeiro MSc S2 2004 An observer of the Be Stars Spectra Database from the Paris Observatory and runs the spectroscopy website Amateur Astrophysics
Jennie Young MSc S2 2004 Physics teacher and organiser of Space Education Program at Arndell Anglican College (and compulsive conference presenter!)
John Betts MSc S1 2005 Completing a PhD in materials science engineering
Gregory Goode GradCert S2 2006 Theoretical amateur astronomer!
John O'Leary GradDip S2 2006 Science Dept. Chair at the American School In Japan and will be in charge of the new observatory at the school in west Tokyo.
Gregory Koumbis MSc S2 2006 Program Manager for Science and Technology Programs, General Dynamics Corporation working for the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Advanced Systems and Concepts) and USJFCOM. Also commenced a PhD in Information Technology Management.
Ricky Murphy MSc S2 2006 Senior Ophthalmic Photographer, Stanford University, and owner/founder/operator of Astronomy Online
Richard West MSc S2 2006 Enrolled in MASc (Mech. Eng.) University of Victoria, Canada
David Higgins GradCert S1 2008 Participating in YORP observations (rotation of asteroids)
Brad Rhodes MSc S1 2008 Senior Systems Engineer with Apogee Engineering, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO supporting the US Air Force in satellite operations. Major and space operations officer in the US Army Reserves managing space capabilities for units in the field.
Russell Pinizzotto MSc S1 2009 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts.
Ron Mickle GradDip S1 2009 Teaching astronomy at the Community College of Aurora and the University of Denver.
Dan Birchall GradCert S1 2010 Specialist in Space Systems Analysis & Test at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
Pekka Rautajoki MSc S1 2010 Actively involved in the local astronomy club, Tampereen Ursa, and volunteering in the newly-opened Discovery Center of Tampere. Anxiously waiting for HET620.
Jenny Russell MSc S1 2010 Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in London
Jerry Garner MSc S2 2010 NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador since 2003 and conduct monthly astronomy presentations at the local science museum. Teaching "Observational Astronomy" at Kentucky Weslyan College.
Fernando Lopez Blanco MSc S2 2010 Teacher in Spain. Hopes to continue with individual SAO units!
Robert French MSc Dec 2010 Research position at the SETI Institute researching the rings and moons of the giant planets. Also an adjunct faculty at West Valley College, Saratoga, CA, teaching introductory astronomy.
Amanda Ryan MSc S1 2011 Doing a PhD in the UK on WASP planet host stars.
Armando CaussadeGradCert S1 2012 Teaching undergraduate introductory astronomy at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Also enrolled in an Astronomy & Astrophysics Masters at Valencian International University in Spain.
Marek CichanskiMSc S1 2012 Teaching astronomy and geology at De Anza College in California.
Colin NavinMSc S1 2012 Started a PhD in astronomy at Macquarie Universty
Jason NishiyamaMSc S1 2012 Sessional intro astronomy instructor at University of Lethbridge, Calgary, and Director of the RASC Calgary Centre's Wilson Coulee Observatory
Trevor LeamanMSc S2 2013 Enrolled in a PhD program at Nura Gili, UNSW researching the Cultural Astronomy of the Wiradjuri people of central NSW, & Casual Guide at the Sydney Observatory
Constance KordellMScS1 2014 Enrolled in the MAnimSc program in the School of Anim & Vet Sciences, Charles Sturt University preparing for research in cognitive ethology and astrobio biosecurity.
Christopher TylorMScS2 2016 Confirmed PhD candidate at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) researching the dynamics of natural satellites in exoplanetary systems (stability, formation, and habitability of exomoons). Also engaged in astronomy outreach as well as lecturing and tutoring physics and astronomy students at USQ.
Andrew JacklingMScS2 2017 Space Weather Forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology.

    Full degree names:

      GradCert = Graduate Certificate of Science in Astronomy
      GradDip = Graduate Diploma of Science in Astronomy
      MSc = Master of Science in Astronomy
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