Change of Details

If you change you details during the semester you will need to contact us so that we can update our records. You may also wish to check on your enrolment, contact or grade details.

Checking Your Current Details

  • To check that your enrolment details are correct, go to the My Swinburne. You will need to enter your full student ID (seven digits) and your date of birth (ddmmyy). Then click on "My Contact Details" to check your address or "My Subject History" to check the units you are enrolled in.

Changing Your Contact Details

  • If you change your email address during the semester, you will need to update your email forwarding. For details about how to do this, click here.
  • If you change your home or postal address during the semester, please complete a Amendment to Personal Details form, which can be emailed or faxed to us at or +61 3 9214 5320.
Changing Your Enrolment - Withdrawals and Leave of Absence

  • If you wish to withdraw from one or more SAO units during the semester, you will need to complete a Application to Amend Enrolment.

    Note: Your Program code is S048 (for Graduate Certificate), S058 (for Graduate Diploma) and S068 (for Masters)

  • If you wish to take a leave of absence for a semester, you will need to apply in writing. Please complete this online Leave of Absence Form. (Please note that your Faculty/Centre is ‘Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology’ and your campus is ‘Hawthorn’ - not online)

  • If you wish to withdraw from the entire SAO Program, you will need to complete a Withdrawal from Course/Program Form.

  • Note that withdrawal prior to the census dates does not results in any finacincial or academic pentaly. Withdrawing after the census dates results in both financial and adcemic penalites. Census dates can be found here.
  • Once you have completed the appropriate form, if the form is hardcopy, you need to fax a copy to:
      Course Administrator
      Swinburne Astronomy Online
      FAX: +61 3 9214 5320
  • Or scan and email to
  • Or you can (air)mail the completed form back to:
      Course Administrator, Swinburne Astronomy Online
      Student HQ, Mail H7
      Swinburne University of Technology
      PO Box 218, Hawthorn, VIC 3122, Australia