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AST80012 Major Project - History of Astronomy

Course/s with Unit:
A unit of study in the Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy), Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) and Master of Science (Astronomy).

Credit Points:
12.5 Credit Points

One semester

Contact Hours:
Equivalent to 60 hours


AST80008 History of Astronomy, or equivalent.


Learning and Teaching Structure:
Online delivery mode, contact via newsgroups & email.

An electronic logbook (compulsory but not graded), a project proposal (20%), a literature review (30%) and a detailed project report (50%).

This Unit aims to develop the student's knowledge and understanding of a particular aspect or period of the history of astronomy, and their practical literature and Internet research skills, plus synthesis and communication skills.

After successfully completing this Unit, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate detailed knowledge of a particular aspect of astronomical history;
  • write a literature review for a project, providing a description of background reading and the plan of research to give a broad understanding of the topic;
  • undertake independent research;
  • keep a comprehensive record of research methodologies and references/resources utilised;
  • write a detailed and clear report of techniques used, investigations undertaken and conclusions reached in the project.

Key Generic Skills:
Participation in AST80012 Major Project: History of Astronomy will help students develop the attributes that are considered desirable in a Swinburne graduate including the following generic skills:

  • analysis skills
  • communications skills
  • ability to work independently

Students will undertake a substantial literature and/or Internet research project on a particular aspect or period of the history of astronomy. Previous project topics are listed to give an idea of the scope of project expected. Students should suggest their own project, subject to negotiation with the unit convener.

Each student will work closely with a supervisor assigned to his or her project, communicating and exchanging drafts via email, and, where appropriate, students will collaborate with each other via newsgroup discussions.

Prescribed Textbook & Reading Materials:
For information about the textbook, follow this link.

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