SAO Fees

The SAO fee structure is set by the Swinburne University Pricing Committee. Fees are the same for Australian and International+ students.

SAO Fees

    The fee for SAO applicants is given here. (Follow the Local or International links)

This fee structure applies to students enrolling in the following programs:

    - Master of Science (Astronomy),
    - Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) ,
    - Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy),
    - and individual unit enrolments.
Note that:
  • Payment for the degree of Master of Science, Graduate Diploma of Science and Graduate Certificate of Science is on a per unit basis.
  • The unit fee is subject to review on a yearly basis.
  • One or more textbooks are necessary for most units, and must be purchased separately. Click here for details.
  • The full degree of Master of Science in Astronomy requires satisfactory completion of twelve units; Graduate Diploma of Science in Astronomy requires satisfactory completion of eight units; and Graduate Certificate of Science in Astronomy requires satisfactory completion of fours units.
  • A late non-refundable late fee of AU$200 will apply to all enrolments that are processed any later than one week prior to Week 0.

Swinburne University Postgraduate Full-Fee Paying Policy:

  1. Students must withdraw from a unit of study prior to the census date* to be eligible for a full refund.
  2. Students who enroled late but withdraw prior to the census date are not eligible to a refund on their AU$200 late fee.
  3. No refund is payable to students who withdraw from a course or unit after the census date*.
* The census date is provided on the Swinburne information page for each Unit. For example, the census date for the UNIT AST80006 is given here.

+ (Follow this link to access a commercial currency conversion website.)

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