Excellence Awards (2004-2013)

Welcome to the Awards for Excellence web page, hosted by Swinburne Astronomy Online. SAO is run by the Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing, which is a part of the Faculty of Science, Computing, Engineering and Technology.

Each year student excellence in its programs is announced and this page celebrates top students in each of the three SAO degree programs. The Awards for Excellence began in 2004.

These awards are made possible by the generous support of our current sponsor, Australian Sky and Telescope and former sponsors (Sky & Space Magazines, Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan publishing).

Award for the best Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy):

Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy)
2013 Robert Miller
2012 Ian Grech
2011 Darryl Smith
2010 Paula Tomlinson
2009 Torben Andersen
2008 Duncan Tolmie
2007 Graeme Knight
Dr Alister Graham, Graeme Knight, Mrs Knight, Dr Glen Mackie
2006 Mark Taylor
2005 Jeffrey Stanger and Peter Edwards
2004 Trevor Barry
Dr Glen Mackie, Trevor Barry & Prof Doug Grant

From 2004-2012 the prize for this award has been generously donated by:

Award for the best Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy):

Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy)
2013 Philip Cash
2012 Michael Polya
2011 Andrew Fraser
2010 Stamatios Daniilas
2009 Livio Fasiani
2008 Not awarded
2007 Not awarded
2006 Steven Marks
2005 Luis Arguelles
2004 Chris Johnston

Since 2009 the prize for this award has been generously donated by the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology :

Award for the best Master of Science (Astronomy):

Master of Science (Astronomy)
2013 Philip Hall
2012 John Lyes
2011 Brian Ludwig
2010 Robert French (best final yr)
2010 Stephen Harper (best first yr)
2009 Pekka Rautajoki
2008 Stephen Berg
2007 Eduardo Manuel Alvarez
2006 Kenneth Dixon
2005 Richard Adduci
2004 Philip Evans

In 2010 FICT decided to award two prizes - one for best first year, and the other for best final year. The prize for this award has been generously donated by :

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