WEX program

UTMOST has a very active program WEX (Work Experience) program for engineering students to spend time at the site working on a range of electrical, mechanical, electronic and other projects. Their enthusiasm and hard work has made a huge difference to the rollout of UTMOST. Students have spent time on site, ranging from a few weeks to 18 weeks, since early  2013, as part of the practical experience requirement for their engineering degrees.

There are a wide range of electronic, software, mechanical, electrical and radio frequency projects available on site.

Some of the students who have joined us for their Work Experience component of the Engineering Degree

Kevin Cho, University of SydneyPat Foley, ANUNick Frances, ANU
Nick Cramer, ANUDugald Hastie, Qld UniBrandon Hinds, ANU
Patrick Foley, ANUJay HumbleDaniel Johnston, ANU
Simon Jordan, ANUJun Jung, ANUPaul Kelly, International Space University
Ash Lardner, ANUToby Lee, University of SydneyTim Leske, Syd Uni
Nick Mills, ANUNeil Nath, ANUKiarie Ndegwa, ANU
Sam Ockerby, ANUSimon Palmer, ANUEhsan Rafiei, ANU
Ishraq Rahman, ANUAnil Rajanathan, ANUKiel Rochow, University of Sydney
Wilhelm Schloss ANUDaniel Sheehy, ANUAngus Sutherland, University of Sydney
Miles Sweeney, ANUTharindu Welikala, ANUDaryl Whitfield, ANU
Siti Azean Wilson, University of AdelaideDing Yan, University of SydneyAaron Zegelin
Jun Zhao, ANUTian Zheng, University of Sydney

If you are an engineering student interested in work experience with us, please contact Dave Temby at:

Molonglo Radio Observatory
1152 Hoskinstown road via

Telephone: (02) 62382212

email: david.temby@sydney.edu.au