Swinburne Astronomy Productions

Media Library

The Swinburne Astronomy Productions Media Library is designed to be a source of astronomy related video.

Each piece of content has a unique identifier (eg. CGI.001.TITLE), which can be used to easily request higher resolution versions of an item via our ‘Usage Request’ form. In situations where the owners watermark would preferably be removed, such as for broadcast or film use, permission can be requested via this same form. In such cases, the highest resolution media will be made available for download in ProRes 444, BluRay quality H.264 and/or lossless JPEG2000 file formats.

The Media Library has been designed to make searching for specific astronomy related content easy. By using the drop down boxes at the top of the library, those seeking content on a specific subject can filter their search.

In the event that the 720p watermarked versions available for direct download inside the library are satisfactory for your project, we ask that a usage note be left via the 'Usage Request' form detailing what content has been utilised and its intended audience.

Media Library content may not be redistributed without prior consent from Swinburne Astronomy Productions.


Usage Guidelines

Swinburne Staff and Students
Swinburne staff and students are encouraged to use any content that would enhance presentations and/or press releases. We ask that the content id(s) of material used be submitted via the 'Usage Request' form to ensure the most suitable formats are make available.
Swinburne Astronomy Productions has produced a wide range of content for CAASTRO members. This media has been designed to cover topics important to those presenting research on The Evolving Universe, The Dynamic Universe and the Dark Universe. We encourage CAASTRO members to utilise any media that would assist in presentations or media releases. All CAASTRO branded media inside the library has been created at 1080p, available via the ‘Usage Request’ form.
Media & Film Makers
Wherever possible, content has been archived in lossless and broadcast friendly formats. CGI content has been created at 1920×1080p @ 25fps. HDV footage has been shot at 1440×1080p @ 25fps.

By submitting the content id(s) via the 'Usage Request' form, the best quality, non-watermarked material can be made available via FTP transfer.

Depending on the intended use of library content, a licencing fee may be applicable.
Other Users
Permission for the use of Media Library content by can be requested via the 'Usage Request' form.


Content inside the library will be watermarked with either 'Swinburne Astronomy Productions' or 'CAASTRO' branding.
The relevant credit line(s) should be included wherever the content is used:

  • 'Swinburne Astronomy Productions'
  • 'CAASTRO: the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics'