Swinburne Astronomy Productions

Mirrordome Installation Sites

Mirrordome Theatres use Mirrordome software and content, distributed through our partners at Cosmodome, who provide all the necessary hardware. A Cosmodome installation with Swinburne Mirrordome content and software is an affordable and flexible turn-key solution for any portable dome.

MirrorDome full-dome projection systems are perfect for a portable planetarium or smaller fixed domes. Introduced by Swinburne Astronomy Productions in late 2005, the following MirrorDome systems have been supplied:

Location Installed Type Dome diameter Web
Swinburne University of Technology Sep 2005 Portable 5m link
CosmoDome Australasia Sep 2005 Portable 6m link
University of South Australia Mar 2006 Fixed 8m link
Houston Museum of Natural Science Mar 2006 Portable 5m link
Toongabbie East Public School Jul 2006 Fixed 4.8m link
Planetarium Education Group May 2006 Portable 5m link
iSkies Jun 2006 Portable 5m link
University of Glasgow Observatory Jul 2006 Fixed 12.2m link
University of Glasgow Observatory Jul 2006 Portable 5m link
The Elumenati, USA Aug 2006 Upright 3m link
E-Planetarium, USA Aug, 2006 Portable 5m link
Jordan Planetarium, USA Dec 2006 Fixed 6.1m link
Bangalore Association for Science Education, India Dec 2006 Fixed 15m link
Challenger Learning Centre, CA, USA Feb 2007 Portable 5m link
Bendigo Discovery Centre, Australia Feb 2007 Fixed 7m link
Immersion Education, UK July 2007 Portable
Armagh Planetarium, UK July 2007 Portable link
Redshift West, Australia July 2007 Portable link
Techniquest Science Centre November 2007 Portable link
InspireDiscovery Centre November 2007 Portable link