UTMOST at the inaugural Swinburne/Caltech transient workshop

UTMOST team members Matthew Bailes, Chris Flynn, Manisha Caleb, Shivani Bhanderi and Vivek V Krishnan have visited Caltech in October 2015 for the inaugural Swinburne/Caltech Transients Workshop.

The three-day workshop focused on transient science from Caltech and Swinburne research groups across a wide range of wavelengths, with discussion of instrumentation, data acquisition, and data science techniques — including the search for Fast Radio Bursts — a major UTMOST goal.

Presentations were made by Matthew Bailes on FRBs, Chris Flynn on the status of the Molonglo upgrade and our science capabilities during the commissioning, Manisha Caleb on the expected rates of FRBs at Molonglo and other radio telescopes, and finally by Shivan Bhandari on early map making efforts with UTMOST.

Our talks are available as slides and video using Echo360.