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Peripheral Downloads

Adobe 3D JavaScript

The script file "s2plot.js" can (should) be attached to most 3-d figures generated in PDF from S2PLOT-exported VRML. It provides a basic S2PLOT-like interaction setup (similar mouse and keys to S2PLOT programs) and also supports billboards, volume rendering and frame-based animation where the appropriate conventions are followed in the naming of the VRML tree. See the 3-d PDF section for more information.

This file is included in S2PLOT distributions above (not including) version 2.4.

VRML Post-processing

The perl script "s2plot-vrml2x3d.pl" can (should) be used to post-process VRML output from S2PLOT when the subsequent target of the VRML is s2web. This script removes a couple of (technically invalid) VRML keywords (eg. "lineProperties") so that onward conversion to X3D does not fail. Additionally it creates duplicates of textures that are reused in different colours (billboards as splats being a classic case). One day we hope this will not be necessary or at least can be done internally by the s2web program; however for now it is a requirement. Finally the perl script executes the v2x3d conversion to produce X3D output from the input VRML file. See the s2web section for more information.

This file is included in S2PLOT distributions above (not including) version 2.4.

This file requires the NIST-provided Vrml97ToX3dNist to be installed on your system.

s2web Web Deployment Template

Publishing an s2web visualisation on the web requires the s2web Flash application itself, along with a few support files and an HTML page (eg. index.html). The following zip file contains all the components necessary for web-deployment of s2web visualisations, and even includes an example s2web visualisation archive (this contains the X3D file plus required textures in PNG image format) and preview image. See the s2web section for more information.

Instructions for modifying the index.html file in the template zip are found in that file itself.


S2PLOT is freely available for non-commercial and educational use, however, it is not public-domain software. The programming libraries and documentation may not be redistributed or sub-licensed in any form without permission from Swinburne University of Technology. The programming library and sample codes are provided without warranty.

We would appreciate it if research outcomes using S2PLOT would provide the following acknowledgement:

Three-dimensional visualisation was conducted with the S2PLOT progamming library

and a reference to

D.G.Barnes, C.J.Fluke, P.D.Bourke & O.T.Parry, 2006, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 23(2), 82-93.

S2PLOT development was funded through the Researcher Developer Grant Scheme at Swinburne University of Technology.

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