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The following series of How Tos show you how to solve a range of common visualisation problems with S2PLOT. They are not intended to provide a complete user guide to all the functionality of S2PLOT, and should be supplemented by looking at the Function List.

Choose from either C, Fortran or Python categories depending on your preferred programming mode. The How Tos assume that you have a working, a tested, version of S2PLOT installed on your system, and that you have suitable compilers available.

Spherical coordinate systems in S2PLOT in C

Astronomers like to use spherical coordinate systems, but S2PLOT would prefer you to use Cartesian coordinates. To aid in the development of visualisations that require spherical coordinate grids, we have put together some sample code.

Please download us2spherical.c, us2spherical.h and spheredemo.c and follow the instructions in the comments spheredemo.c.

How To ... in C

How To ... without (much) programming

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