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The S2PLOT development team has authored / contributed to the following papers related to S2PLOT and science visualisation

  1. Ruthensteiner, B., Baeumler, N., Barnes, D.G., 2010, Interactive 3D Volume Rendering in Biomedical Publications, Micron (accepted 2010 March)
  2. Mitik-Deneva, N., Wang, J., Truong, V.K., Stoddart, P.R., Alexander, M.R., Albutt, D.J., Fluke, C., Crawford, R.J., Ivanova, E.P. 2010, Bacterial attachment on optical fibre surfaces, Biofouling, 26, 461
  3. Truong, V.K., Lapovok, R., Estrin, Y., Rundell, S., Wang, J., Fluke, C.J., Crawford, R.J., Ivanova, E.P., 2010, The Influence of Nano-scale Surface Roughness on Bacterial Adhesion to Ultrafine-Grained Titanium, Biomaterials, 31, 3674 [link]
  4. Ivanova, E., Truong, V.K., Wang, J., Bendt, C., Jones, R., Schmidt, H., Yusuf, I., Peak, I., Fluke, C., Barnes, D., Crawford, R., 2010, Impact of Nanoscale Roughness of Titanium Thin Films Surfaces on Bacterial Retention, Langmuir, 26, 1973 [1]
  5. Fluke, C.J., Barnes, D.G., Jones, N.T., 2009, Interchanging Interactive 3-d Graphics for Astronomy, PASA, 26, 1 (ADS) (samples)
  6. Truong, V.K., Rundell, S., Lapovok, R., Estrin, Y., Wang, J.Y., Berndt, C.C., Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C., Crawford, R.J., Ivanova, E.P., 2009, Effect of Ultrafine-grained Titanium Surfaces on Adhesion of Bacteria, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 83(5), 925 [2]
  7. Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C.J., 2008, Incorporating interactive 3-dimensional graphics in astronomy research papers, New Astronomy, 13, 599. For interactive figures, please download paper from here. (ADS) - arXiv:0709.2734.
  8. Fluke, C.J., Barnes, D.G., 2008, The Interactive Astronomy Textbook, Astronomy Education Review, 7(1). For interactive figures, please download paper from here. (AER).
  9. Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C.J., 2008, S2PLOT: A Straightforward Library forAdvanced 3-dimensional Scientific Visualisation, in Astronomical Data Analysis & Software SystemsXVII, eds. J.Lewis, B.Argyle, P.Bunclark, D.Evans, E.Gonzales-Solares,Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ADS)
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For a detailed list of papers that have cited our work on 3d-PDF, see here.

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