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Environment Variables

This is intended to be a comprehensive list of all the environment variables in S2PLOT as well as a description of how they are used. For the relevant version of the environment variables for your S2PLOT installation, see the ENVIRONMENT.TXT file that came with the distribution.

Required (Build-related)

S2PATHFull path to S2PLOT directory

Recommended (Build-related)

S2ARCHOperating system, compiler and architecture specification for compiling and linking S2PLOT programs. Valid options are as follows. If not set, s2plot.csh attempts to figure out S2ARCH, but may fail to do so. See installation notes for recommended values for each operating system.
  • Darwin users with PowerPC architecture should generally choose darwin-gnu-ppc over


  • Darwin users with Intel architecture should generally choose darwin-gnu-i386 over darwin-gnu-univ.
  • See here for more information on tested build environments.
S2SHAREDSet to "no" or "yes" to indicate preference for static or dynamic linking of binaries.

Optional (build-related)

S2FREEGLUTSet to "no" or "yes" to choose whether the re-entrant s2disp function will be used on Linux systems that use the freeglut library. NB. only works on Linux systems with freeglut version >= 2.2.0.
S2FREETYPESet to "no" or "yes" to choose whether the freetype2 extensions will be linked in with programs.

Freetype2 is assumed to be installed in the following base directories:

  • Mac OS X: /usr/X11R6 (ie. installed with Apple X)
  • Linux: /usr

If you have freetype2 installed somewhere else you may need to modify your s2plot.csh or ${S2ARCH}.in file.

S2MESHLIBOnly set this if recommended by your MirrorDome supplier.
S2EXTRAINCAdditional compiler flags for cbuild.csh and ccbuild.csh scripts, typically used to provide additional include paths for compiling S2PLOT programs.
S2EXTRALIBAdditional flags for cbuild.csh and ccbuild.csh scripts typically used to provide additional library search paths and libraries for linking S2PLOT programs

Optional (runtime-related)

S2PLOT_WIDTH Provide initial width (in pixels) of S2PLOT display windows. If not given, width is by default 800 pixels.
S2PLOT_HEIGHTProvide initial height (in pixels) of S2PLOT display windows. If not given, height is by default 3/4 of width.
S2PLOT_ESCQUITIf set, S2PLOT programs can be quit by hitting the ESC key alone, without requiring Shift-ESC.
S2PLOT_DEVSet this to choose your default S2PLOT output device. Only relevant when programs specify an empty device string, or prompt on the terminal for the device choice.
S2PLOT_TEXPATHSet this to provide an "external" path to texture files,

colourmap files and LaTeX template files. When using textures / colormaps / LaTeX templates in S2PLOT, the following strategy is used to find named files:

  1. If name begins with "." or "/", look for the precisely named file and nowhere else.
  2. Look in the current working directory then look in $S2PLOT_TEXPATH if it is defined then look in $S2PATH/textures.
  3. On failure:
  • for textures: load a "red X" texture for use
  • for colormaps: load a colormap that has sequences of RGB color triples with values in the range [0...255]:
  • for LaTeX templates: fail on LaTeX generation and load a "red X" texture for use
S2PLOT_LATEXBINSet this to the fully-qualified path of the LaTeX binary (latex) if you want to use LaTeX features in S2PLOT. If your latex binary is in a standard path location, eg. /usr/bin, then this environment variable can be left unset.
S2PLOT_DVIPNGBIN Set this to the fully-qualified path of the DVI to PNG conversion binary (dvipng) if you want to use LaTeX features in S2PLOT. If your dvipng binary is in a standard path location, eg. /usr/bin, then this environment variable can be left unset.
S2PLOT_IMPATHSet this to the path containing your ImageMagick binaries. Without this setting, texturise script/s and LaTeX support may fail silently.
S2PLOT_FADETIMESet this to control the fade-in and fade-out time (in seconds) of S2PLOT programs. The default is to fade-in and fade-out over approximately 0.2 seconds.
S2PLOT_RUNTIMEIf set, S2PLOT programs will be forcibly quit after this period in seconds. The S2PLOT_RUNTIME period *does not* include the S2PLOT_FADETIME period at start and end of the program.
S2PLOT_EVENTFILEIf set, this is the name of a file containing events that are pushed into the S2PLOT event stream. Currently only simple (ASCII code) keypresses are supported. Zero time commences at the end of the fade-in time.




In range [0,1], these environment variables can be used to constrain the area of screen used for S2PLOT graphics. Typically these would be used in concert with S2PLOT_BGIMG to provide a full-screen background image, eg. from Powerpoint, then draw S2PLOT graphics in only a particular region.
S2PLOT_BGIMGFilename of a background image to use instead of clearing the screen.
S2PLOT_INTERSCANBUMPIf scan-line interleaved stereo is being used, bump the first line down the screen by one row, thus flipping the left and right lines in the display. Only useful when fullscreen windows are being created, or windows are known to be created at a particular position on the screen.
S2PLOT_INTERSCANATIIf you are using /s2inter mode on an ATI graphics card on darwin (and possibly linux), you must set this environment variable (to anything): this enables a workaround for a defect in the ATI OpenGL driver code for anti-aliasing.
S2PLOT_REMOTEPORTIf set, then S2PLOT will listen on the provided port number for remote control commands. The text strings received can be processed by S2PLOT, and/or forwarded to the callback registered with s2srcb.
S2PLOT_PRCDRIVERIf set, then S2PLOT will search for a loadable module called ${S2PLOT_PRCDRIVER}.so (in $S2PATH/$S2ARCH) at runtime when the user requests PRC output (typically by pressing Shift-P in an interactive S2PLOT session). The S2PLOT PRC driver module is distributed and built separately to S2PLOT.
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