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S2PLOT: A Three-Dimensional Plotting Library

S2PLOT is an advanced three-dimensional plotting library with support for standard and enhanced display devices. The S2PLOT library was written in C and can be used with C, C++ and FORTRAN programs on GNU/Linux and Apple/OSX systems. The S2PLOT architecture supports dynamic geometry and can be used to plot both static and time-evolving data sets.

With a programming interface inspired by PGPLOT, S2PLOT provides researchers with elegant techniques for displaying and interactively exploring 3D data sets directly from their program code.

This website provides the main source of information on obtaining, installing and programming with S2PLOT.


S2PLOT is freely available for non-commercial and educational use, however, it is not public-domain software. The programming libraries and documentation may not be redistributed or sub-licensed in any form without permission from Swinburne University of Technology. The programming library and sample codes are provided without warranty.

We would appreciate it if research outcomes using S2PLOT would provide the following acknowledgement:

Three-dimensional visualisation was conducted with the S2PLOT progamming library

and a reference to

D.G.Barnes, C.J.Fluke, P.D.Bourke & O.T.Parry, 2006, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 23(2), 82-93.

The initial S2PLOT development was funded through the Researcher Developer Grant Scheme at Swinburne University of Technology.

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