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Find the bounding box of text drawn with s2textxyf.


void s2qtxtxyf(float *x1, float *x2, float *y1, float *y2, float x, float y, float z, 
float flipx, float flipy, char *text, float pad);


Find the bounding box of text drawn with the s2textxyf function. For convenience, pad can be given > 0.0 to obtain padding around the text of pad percent.

See Also

s2qtxtxy Find the bounding box of text drawn with s2textxy.
s2textxyf Draw flipped text in the xy plane at a fixed z coordinate.

PGPLOT Equivalent


Code Example

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "s2plot.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   float x = 0.0;
   float y = 0.5;
   float z = 0.2; 
   float flipx = -1.0;
   float flipy = -1.0;
   float x1,x2, y1,y2;				/* Bounding coordinates */
   char string[32] = "S2PLOT is great!";
   float pad = 0.5;				/* Padding around text */

   s2opend("/?",argc, argv);			/* Open the display */
   s2swin(-1.,1., -1.,1., -1.,1.);		/* Set the window coordinates */
   s2box("BCDET",0,0,"BCDET",0,0,"BCDET",0,0);	/* Draw coordinate box */

   s2slw(2);					/* Set line width */
   s2textxyf(x,y,z,flipx,flipy,string);		/* Write some flipped text in x-y plane */

   s2qtxtxyf(&x1,&x2, &y1,&y2, x,y,z, flipx, flipy, string, pad);
						/* Query bounding box for flipped text */

   s2rectxy(x1,x2, y1,y2, z-0.01);		/* Draw bounding rectangle */
   s2show(1);					/* Open the s2plot window */
   return 1;

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