SAO Graduation Ceremony, March 2007

On Thursday 22 March, SAO proudly graduated another 3 Graduate Certificate of Science students, 4 Graduate Diploma of Science students, and 8 Master of Science students. Three graduates came to Melbourne to attend the graduation ceremony (David Hall from Canbera, David Burton from South Australia and Huseyin Topuz from Turkey), and visited the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing afterwards for a tour of the Centre. They visited the supercomputer and took a 3D flight through the Universe in our Virtual Reality theatre. Then followed drinks at the local pub and an SAO celebratory dinner at a Himalayan restaurant. Congratulations to all our graduates!

For photos of the graduates, see the SAO alumni photo gallery.

Graduating students from March 2007

Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy)

    David Ellis
    Susan Wheildon
    Andrew Wright

Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy)

    David Hall
    Steven Marks
    Huseyin Topuz
    Heather Watson
Master of Science (Astronomy)
    David Burton
    Kenneth Dixon
    Alexander Gatt
    Tracey Hanna
    Pavel Hejna
    David Hughes
    Michael MacCallum
    James Vail

The SAO Alumni website has been updated to reflect these 15 new SAO alumni at: