AstroFest 2007

Because SAO is a fully online program, participants either never or very rarely get to actually meet each other or their instructors. It has been suggested for some time now that SAO should organise a series of face-to-face gatherings in various countries around the world so that the SAO community can come together and meet each other! With the generous support of the SAO Alumni funding drive and the Three Rivers Foundation, SAO is delighted to announce the inaugural "AstroFest" to be held in Texas, USA, from 12-14 October 2007.

AstroFest will include a series of astronomy lectures, hands-on demonstrations and night observing at the 3RF Comanche Springs astronomy campus, as well as a chance for SAO alumni and students to present their own research results.

AstroFest is open to the entire SAO community - alumni, students and instructors. For more information and to register your interest in attending, visit the AstroFest website.