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Scientific Computing and Visualisation: Projects

Accelerating astronomy. Maximising the scientific return from data.

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Research Topics and Key Publications

S2PLOT: an advanced, interactive 3-d graphics programming library, with free, open source support for creating 3D-PDF digital publications.

  • Download, install and start visualising [link]
  • Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C.J., Bourke, P.D., Parry, O.T., 2006, An Advanced, Three-Dimensional Plotting Library for Astronomy, PASA, 23, 82 [link]
  • Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C.J., 2008, Incorporating interactive 3-dimensional graphics in astronomy research papers, NewA, 13, 599 [link]

GPU-based volume rendering of multi-spectral astronomical data: using GPUs as a fast, powerful processing tool for visualising multi-dimensional data from next generation facilities such as the Australian SKA Pathfinder.

  • Hassan, A., Fluke, C.J., 2011, Scientific Visualization in Astronomy: Towards the Petascale Astronomy Era, PASA, 28, 150 [link]
  • Hassan, A.H., Fluke, C.J., Barnes, D.G., Kilborn, V.A., 2013, Tera-scale astronomical data analysis and visualization, MNRAS, 429, 2442 [link]
  • Hassan, A.H., Fluke, C.J., Barnes, D.G., 2011, Interactive Visualisation of the Largest Radioastronomy Cubes, NewA, 16, 100 [link]

Algorithm analysis for advanced architectures: an understanding of the atomic algorithms of astronomy is leading to improvements in the way future multi- and many-core architectures are used in astrophysical supercomputing.

  • Barsdell, B.R., Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C.J., 2010, Analysing Astronomy Algorithms for GPUs and Beyond, MNRAS, 408, 1936 [link]
  • Fluke, C.J., Barnes, D.G., Barsdell, B.R., Hassan, A.H., 2011, Astrophysical Supercomputing with GPUs: Critical Decisions for Early Adopters, PASA, 28, 15 [link]
  • Barsdell, B.R., Bailes, M., Barnes, D.G., Fluke, C.J., Accelerating incoherent dedispersion, MNRAS, 422, 379 [link]

GPU-based Gravitational Microlensing: an application area benefitting from the use of GPUs for computation.

  • The GERLUMPH project [link].
  • Vernardos, G., Fluke, C.J., 2013, A new parameter space study of cosmological microlensing, MNRAS, 434, 832 [link]
  • Thompson, A.C., Fluke, C.J., Barnes, D.G., Barsdell, B.R. 2010, Teraflop per second gravitational lensing ray-shooting using graphics processing units, NewA, 15, 16 [link]
  • Bate, N.F., Fluke, C.J., 2012, A Graphics Processing Unit-enabled, High-resolution Cosmological Microlensing Parameter Survey, ApJ, 744, 90 [link]

Biomaterial visualisation: new approaches to visualisation of nano-scaled structures, including the process of bacterial attachment.

  • Truong, V.K., Rundell, S., Lapovok, R., Estrin, Y., Wang, J.Y., Berndt, C.C., Barnes, D., Fluke, C.J., Crawford, R.J., Ivanova, E.P. 2009, Effect of ultrafine-grained titanium surfaces on adhesion of bacteria, AppMB, 83, 925 [link]
  • Ivanova, E., Truong, V.K., Wang, J., Bendt, C., Jones, R., Schmidt, H., Yusuf, I., Peak, I., Fluke, C., Barnes, D., Crawford, R., 2010, Impact of Nanoscale Roughness of Titanium Thin Films Surfaces on Bacterial Retention, Langmuir, 26, 1973 [link]
  • Pogodin, S., Hasan, J., Baulin, V.A., Webb, H.K., Truong, V.K., Phong Nguyen, T.H., Boshkovikj, V., Fluke, C.J., Waston, G.S., Watson, J.A., Crawford, R.J., Ivanova, E.P., 2013, Biophysical model of bacterial cell interactions with nanopatterned cicada wing surfaces, BioJ, 104, 835 [link]