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Scientific Computing and Visualisation: People

Accelerating astronomy. Maximising the scientific return from data.

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Staff and Students
A/Prof Christopher FlukeFacultyweb page
George BekiarisPhD studentweb page
Sarah HegartyPhD student
Bernard MeadeMasters student
Giorgos VernardosPhD studentweb page
Dany VohlPhD studentweb page

Past students
Dr Ben BarsdellHarvard Center for Astrophysics
Dr Amr HassanSwinburne Universityweb page
Mr Vanya BoshkovikjMasters student

Collaborators and Affiliates
Dr David BarnesMonash Universityweb page
Dr Nick BateThe University of Melbourne
Prof Darren CrotonFacultyweb page
Prof Jarrod HurleyFacultyweb page
Prof Matthew BailesFacultyweb page
Prof Karl GlazebrookFacultyweb page
Dr Willem van StratenFacultyweb page
Prof Elena IvanovaFacultyweb page
Prof Russell CrawfordFacultyweb page