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Scientific Computing and Visualisation: Facilities

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The Scientific Computing and Visualisation group makes extensive use of the Swinburne Green II Supercomputer and the Swinburne University Enhanced Virtual Reality Theatre.

Swinburne University Enhanced Virtual Reality Theatre (E-VR Theatre)

Swinburne University has operated a Virtual Reality Theatre since 1999. The Theatre has performed an important multi-faceted role as a showcase of Swinburne capabilities in research and innovation, and as a high profile venue for public outreach and education. During the last five years alone, the VR Theatre hosted over 10,000 people in more than 300 AstroTour sessions. As a digital cinema production suite, the VR Theatre was a crucial component of Swinburne’s contributions to the 2013 IMAX 3D production "Hidden Universe 3D".

E-VR Theatre supports four independent modes of operation in the one location:

1. A research facility for advanced data visualisation;
2. A public outreach space for the AstroTour program;
3. A teaching space showcasing Swinburne research capabilities in Science, Engineering and Technology; and
4. A production facility suitable for large-format digital cinema work.

Funding for the Swinburne University E-VRT was provided through the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology Infrastructure Investment Scheme (2014) and Swinburne Research.

Stereoscopic 3D Projection System

The Stereoscopic Projection System comprises:

4K Projection System

The 4K Projection System comprises:

Colloquium System

The Colloquium System comprises: