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Professor Mike Bessell Colour Imaging with a CCD
Dr Paul Butler The Upsilon Andromedae System (extra-solar planets)
Rev. Robert Evans Amateur Supernovae Hunting
Matthew Young Discovering the  Impossible - the 8.5 Second Pulsar
Dr Duncan Forbes The Growth of Black Holes in Galaxies
Dr Paul Francis Pink Black Holes - the Real Story
Professor Malcolm Walter  Water on Mars
Ian Bacon The Other "A" Word - Astrology in the Classical World 
Dr Nick Hoffman The Role of Carbon Dioxide on Mars
Dr Brian Schmidt Measuring the Universe
Dr Alexander Knebe How to simulate the universe on a computer
Dr Tom Abel Simulating the first stars in the Universe
Tamara Davis Are the fundamental constants of nature really constant?
Dr Jayanne English A Recipe for Cooking Up Astronomical Images
Dr Randii Wessen Mars Exploration Rovers - the View from Inside

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