Women in Astronomy Workshop

Friday 13th May 2011

Workshop Program:

9:05DemographicsSarah Maddison (Swinburne)
Session 1: Leadership
9:30Inspiration, Perspiration or Support Structures?Ros Dubs (Chair, Space Industry Innovation Council)
10:00Gender, Career Aspirations and Outcomes Nicole McKenna (Vice President, National Foundation for Australian Women)
10:45Morning Tea
Session 2: Varied career paths
11:15Keeping your research afloat when your waters break Kate Brooks (CASS)
11:30Staying put post-PhD Ilana Feain (CASS)
11:45Best of Both Worlds Tanya Hill (Melbourne Planetarium)
12:00Some thoughts from my life in astronomyElaine Sadler (U.Sydney)
12:15Hobby: raising four childrenMaria Cunningham (UNSW)
Session 3: How individuals and institutions can help
1:30Appointing, mentoring, managing: Some reflectionsAndrew Hopkins (AAO)
1:50Family-friendly return to work initiativesNaomi McClureGriffiths (CASS)
2:10CAASTRO: Gender Friendly not Gender NeutralBryan Gaensler (CAASTRO)
2:30Women in Science and Engineering Summit: Report on Positive Outcomes Lisa Harvey-Smith (CASS)
3:00Afternoon Tea
Session 4: Discussion
3:30Discussion PanelSarah Maddison (Chair)
Matthew Colless (AAO)
Warrick Couch (Swinburne)
Kate Gunn (CAASTRO)
4:45 Summary and closing comments Sarah Brough (AAO)

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