(Full program available to download here.)

    Monday 24 November

    17:00 - 20:00 Informal welcome; USQ University Bar, located in USQ Refectory, R-block.

    Tuesday 25 November

    9:00 -- Registration and coffee --
    9:25 Welcome
    Session One
    9:30 Brad Carter: Space Weather in Planetary Systems
    9:50 Matthew Mengel: The Hot Jupiter of Tau Boo
    10:10 Belinda Nicholson: The Winds of Planet Hosting Stars
    10:30 -- Break --
    Session Two
    11:00 Jonti Horner: Planetary architecture and periodic climate change
    11:20 James Gilmore: Solar System Architecture and Earth's Climate: Jupiter's Influence
    11:40 Charley Lineweaver: A Gaian Bottleneck?
    12:30 -- Lunch --
    Session Three
    13:00 Matthew Davie: The spectral library of the Anglo-Australian Planet Search
    13:20 Joao Bento: Update on the status of the RHEA spectrograph
    13:40 Jeremy Bailey: HIPPI - A high sensitivity polarimeter for exoplanet characterisation
    14:00 -- Break --
    Session Four
    14:30 Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer: Examining atmospheres of the hottest "hot Jupiters"
    14:50 Kimberly Bott: Precision polarimetric measurements of exoplanetary systems
    15:10 Daniel Cotton: Telluric Removal for Exoplanet Spectra
    15:30 -- Break --
    Session Five
    16:00 Chris Tinney: An update on the FunnelWeb and Veloce Projects
    16:20 Daniel Bayliss: Photometric Follow-up of Transiting Planets
    16:40 -- End --
    19:00 -- Workshop dinner --

    Wednesday 26 November

    Session Six
    9:30 Anthony Cheetham: Direct imaging of exoplanets in transition disks
    9:50 Nicolas Cuello: Photophoresis in protoplanetary disks: a numerical approach
    10:10 Andrew Prentice: A concentric system of rings in the dust disc of HL Tauri with ALMA
    10:30 -- Break --
    Session Seven
    11:00 Rob Wittenmyer: MINERVA: Small planets from small telescopes
    11:20 Christoph Bergmann: Searching for Earth-mass planets around alpha Centauri
    11:40 Michael Albrow: pyDIA: GPU-accelerated difference-imaging photometry
    12:00 -- Lunch --
    Session Eight
    13:00 Daniel Huber: Exoplanet Characterization and Occurrence Rates in the Kepler Mission Closeout
    13:20 Timothy Bovaird: The expected detection rate of predicted planets in Kepler systems
    13:40 Haiyang Wang: Chemical Fractionation Patterns of a Terrestrial Planet and its Moon
    14:00 -- Break --
    Session Nine
    14:30 Alexandra Greenbaum: Mind the Gap: Non-Redundant Masking on the Gemini Planet Imager
    14:50 Duncan Wright: Improvements in techniques for hunting low-mass planets orbiting M Dwarfs
    15:10 Chris Tinney: The Luminosities of the Coldest Brown Dwarfs
    15:30 -- Break --
    Session Ten
    16:00 Discussion
    17:00 -- End --

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