5th Australian Exoplanet Workshop

Australian Exoplanetary Science in the Era of K2, TESS and Gaia

9-10 December 2015  -    University of New South Wales, Sydney

The 5th Australian Exoplanet Workshop will be held at the Kensington Campus of the University of New South Wales from 9-10 December 2015. Hosted by the UNSW Astrophysics Group, this meeting aims to bring together Australian researchers working on exoplanets and related topics from both observational and theoretical perspectives.

The workshop will cover all areas in planetary science such as exoplanet surveys, planetary atmospheres, orbital dynamics, theoretical modeling of planet formation and evolution, host star characterisations, and solar system science. This year's workshop will include a dedicated session on the K2, TESS and Gaia missions, which will provide high-precision photometry and astrometry on an unprecedented scale in the southern hemisphere. A goal of the workshop will be to discuss strategies for the Australian exoplanet community to efficiently exploit these spectacular resources over the coming years.

Participants are encouraged to give a short presentation on a specific research issue or to brief the workshop on the current research capabilities in exoplanet science or related topics in their departments. There will also be an opportunity to discuss strategies for increasing linkages and collaborations to expand this critical research area in the future.

Confirmed invited speakers:
- Jessie Christiansen (NExScI/Caltech): Kepler/K2, TESS & opportunities for Australian exoplanet science
- Jonti Horner (USQ): Exoplanet dynamics & atmospheres
- Barnaby Norris (USyd): Direct imaging & planet formation
- Penelope King (ANU): Solar System-exoplanet connection

There is no registration fee to attend the workshop. However, please indicate your attendance via the registration page, which includes the option to submit a title and abstract of the talk. Registration deadline is 27 November 2015.


The twitter account for the workshop is @5thAEW, with hashtag #5AEW.


Download the workshop poster here





Last Updated: Nov 22 2015