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11/2/14Professor Duncan ForbesCentre for Astrophysics and SupercomputerHunting for Astronomical Fossils with KeckATC10118:30-19:30Audio recording
21/3/14Dr Ivo LabbeLeiden ObservatoryGalaxies from the dawn of timeBA20118:30-19:30Audio recording
11/4/14Dr Jeff CookeCentre for Astrophysics and SupercomputerWitnessing the deaths of the first stars‬ in the Universe - from HawthornBA20118:30-19:30Audio recording
16/5/14Dr Nick LombSydney ObservatoryLight pollution or who stole the night?BA20118:30-19:30Audio recording
5/6/14Assoc. Prof. John O'MearaSaint Michael's College, USAShadows of the Big Bang: The search for pristine gas fueling galaxiesBA20118:30-19:30Video recording
18/7/14Dr Jeff Cooke, Mark Durre, Assoc. Prof. Michael Murphy Centre for Astrophysics and SupercomputerA Night at the KeckAMDC 30118:30-19:30Video recording
22/8/14Assoc. Prof Chris FlukeCentre for Astrophysics and SupercomputerState of the Universe IVATC 10118:30-19:30
18/9/14Assoc.Prof. Darren CrotonCentre for Astrophysics and supercomputerInto the heart of darkness: supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxiesBA20118:30-19:30Recording
7/10/14Dr Pamela GaySouthern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IllinoisWomen in AstronomyTD 12118:30-19:30
17/10/14Prof. Sheila RowanUniversity of GlasgowThe search for gravitational waves - Ripples from the dark side of the UniverseATC10118:30-19:30
7/11/14Assoc. Prof. Virginia KilbornCentre for Astrophysics and SupercomputingThe role of hydrogen in the evolution of galaxiesATC 10118:30-19:30
5/12/14Dr Katie MackDECRA Fellow, Astro Group, School of Physics, University of MelbourneA Tour of the Universe (and selected Cosmic mysteries)ATC 10118:30-19:30