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2011 Lectures

4/2/11Ray JayawardhanaUniveristy of TorontoStrange New Worlds: The Diversity of PlanetsBA20118:30Book
23/2/11Dr Jonathan GardnerNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterA Scientific Revolution: the Hubble and James Webb Space TelescopesBA20118:30Book
17/3/11Dr Michael MurphySwinburne UniversityAre the laws of Nature truly universal?EN71518:30Book
15/4/11Dr Glen MackieSwinburne UniversityThe Multiwavelength Atlas of Galaxies - dealings with publishers, editors, typesetters and creating an academic textbookBA20118:30Audio recording
19/5/11Dr Chris BlakeSwinburne UniversityWhere do atoms come from: The Big Bang, supernovae and the miracle of carbon-based life.EN71518:30Book
15/6/11Dr Darren CrotonSwinburne UniversityInto the heart of darkness: Supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxiesATC10118:30Audio recording (Started a few minutes into the lecture)
20/7/11Prof Jeremy MouldSwinburne UniversityHow old is the Universe?BA20118:30Book
3/8/11Tyler BourkeHarvard Centre for AstrophysicsThe Birth of StarsATC 10118:30-19:30Book
19/8/11Dr Chris Fluke et alSwinburne UniversityScience Week Special-The State of the UniverseBA20118:30-20:00Book
22/9/11Anna Sippel and Juan MadridSwinburne UniversityInto the Heart of a Globular ClusterBA20118:30-1930Book
20/10/11Assoc. Prof. Sarah MaddisonSwinburne UniversityDynamics in the Solar SystemEN51518:30-1930Audio Recording
17/11/11Co-hosted by the Australian Institute of Physics and Prof Warrick CouchSwinburne UniversityThe 2011 Nobel Prize in PhysicsATC10118:00-1930
2/12/11Prof. Geoff TaylorUniversity of MelbourneThe ATLAS Experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – status and outlook.ATC10118:30-1930Audio recording