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The Centre is uniquely resourced with facilities unlike any other astrophysics research group in the country.


keck Swinburne's Vice-Chancellor and the Centre for Astronomy and Supercomputing's Director have signed an MOU with Caltech which will see extensive collaboration in radio and optical astronomy over the next 5 yrs. This will include access to the world's largest and most powerful optical telescope: the twin 10m telescopes of the W. M. Keck Observatory for up to 20 nights a year. The observatory is situated at 4205m above sea level (above 60% of the Earth's atmosphere) on the summit of Hawaii's dormant Mauna Kea volcano. Access to this class of telescope will enable Swinburne astronomers to see objects further away and with more detail than has previously been possible for Australian observers. Swinburne astronomers will be the first group in Australia to have guaranteed access to the Keck telescopes.

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supercomputer The Centre runs and owns one of the most powerful supercomputers in Australia. The system is fully integrated suite of Dell PowerEdge servers housing 64-bit quad-core Clovertown technology. The supercomputer comprises over 1000 processors (a theoretical 10 Teraflop machine). This massive processing power is connected with a state of art networking infrastructure built on gigabit ethernet and a large collection of high speed disk arrays. The Centre also has close ties with the Victorian & Australian Partnerships for Advanced Computing (VPAC & APAC).

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vrtheatre Located at the Centre is the Swinburne Virtual Reality Theatre which houses immersive visualisation facilities. Supported by a visualisation research staff, the Centre has the ability to use the power of 3D visualisation to analyse, interpret and explain complex 3D datasets for reserch and public outreach.

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