JWST Master Class

Melbourne March 16-18 2020

Programme (Draft)

JWST Master Class - Day 1

Overview of the Masterclass and training package
Mission Status
Cycle1 Call for Proposals details
Available proposal tools
Available observing science modes
Proposal preparations roadmap
Hands-on tools I (initial exercises using the proposal preparation tools)

JWST Master Class - Day 2

Hands-on tools II
JWST Observing modes I:
These will include instruments that use these modes, observing strategies and end-to-end tools usage Imaging, Integral Field Spectroscopy, Multi Object Spectroscopy, Slit spectroscopy
Industry engagement with Victorian space and data science companies

JWST Master Class - Day 3

JWST Observing modes II:
Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy, Coronagraphy, Time Series Observations, Aperture Masking Interferometry, Moving Targets, Parallels
Tips for a successful proposal
Closing remarks (including a feedback survey)

If you require further information please contact Themiya Nanayakkara.