Dr Alister Graham has been involved in several activities that promote astronomy. These include

Magazine and Online Articles:

  • A. Graham, 2019 "Observing the invisible: the long journey to the first image of a black hole, The Conversation (11 March)
  • A. Graham, 2017 "Black holes are even stranger than you can imagine, The Conversation (10 Feb)
  • A. Graham, 2014 "Astrology: An Astronomer's view", BBC, Sky at Night magazine (5 MB PDF scan)
  • Stories of Australian Science 2014, "Monster black holes supersize their galactic greed", Science in Public (May 16)
  • Ümit Büyükyıldırım, 2013, "Avustralyalı astronom Alister Graham ile röportaj" (Interview with the Australian astronomer Alister Graham), Bilim.org (Turkey's largest science website; 11 Feb 2013)
  • Bruce Dorminey, 2012, "Why Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole Is Hardly The Source For A 2012 Doomsday 'Killshot'", Forbes.com (interview commentary by A.Graham, 26 Nov. 2012)
  • Bridie Smith, 2012, "In a galaxy far, far away, the hole story (small PDF)", The Age newspaper (interview commentary by A.Graham, 29 Nov. 2012)
  • A. Graham, 2012, "The Fate of our Moon", Space and Astronomy, June
  • A. Graham & L. Spitler, 2009, "It's eat or be eaten in our cosmic jungle", Swinburne Magazine, Dec. edition, Issue 8
  • A. Graham, 2008, "Universe is Twice as Bright (0.8 Mb pdf)", Australasian Science, Dec. edition
  • A. Graham, 2008, "The Shining", Swinburne Magazine, Dec. edition, Issue 4
  • A. Graham, 2006, "Our Sun", Literacy test paper for the ACT Department of Education, aimed at Year 5/7 students. Compiled by Educational Assessment Australia.
  • A. Graham, 2005, "The State of the Solar System" and "The Sun", lead articles in an Education Supplement in several Australian State newspapers, May.
  • A. Graham, 2005, "Smashing News on Black Holes" (PDF file), Premier Issue of the Australian Sky & Telescope, Jan. 2005 edition, p.22
  • Radio interviews:

  • ABC newsradio StarStuff (interview with Stuart Gary, text, audio, 23 Jan 2013) – Massive Black Holes;
  • ABC Radio National Science Show (interview with Robyn Williams, 4 August 2012) – Discovery of rare rectangular-shaped galaxy;
  • ABC Queensland's Statewide Drive Program (interview with Craig Zonca, 20 March 2012) – The emerald-cut galaxy;
  • ABC newsradio StarStuff (interview with Stuart Gary - text, 9 Nov 2011) – Planetary debris at the centre of our Galaxy;
  • ABC newsradio StarStuff (ABC broadcast/podcast, 2006) – Cosmic stocktake.
  • Press Releases and Assorted Articles:

  • A. Graham, N.Scott, 2013, "Black holes growing faster than expected", (Swinburne Media Release).
  • A. Graham et al., 2012, "Astronomers discover ‘emerald-cut’ galaxy", (Swinburne Media Release).
  • 2011, ABC Science: "Monster black hole eats worlds"
  • A. Graham & L. Spitler, 2009, "Double nucleus galaxies bring sci-fi to life", (Swinburne Media Release).
  • A. Graham & S. Driver, 2008, "Astronomers discover full glory of the Universe", (Swinburne Media Release).
  • A. Graham, S. Driver, J. Liske, P. Allen, E. Cameron, 2006, "Cosmic stocktake reveals what's left of Big Bang" (ANU Media Release, St. Andrews Media Release, German version, IAC Media Release).
  • A. Graham, 2004, "Peaceful it is not, but Universe may be less violent than once thought"(University of Florida Press Release).
    "The Universe: It's not as violent as we think"(Australian National University Press Release.)
    SpaceRef.com , PhysOrg.com , Universe Today , Australia's ABC.
  • A. Graham, 2003, Giant solar flare strikes Earth: CNN, Orlando Sentinel.
  • A. Graham, R. Guzman, P.Erwin, I.Trujillo, A.Ramos Asensio, 2003, "Universe slightly simpler than expected",English Press Release / Espanol Notas de Prensa.
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