Final Programme

Day 0 – Mon 14 June

19.00-21.00Meeting Reception
Main entrance/reception area, Level 1, AGSE Building

Day 1 – Tues 15 June

8.50-9.10Welcome and opening
Prof Ian Young, Vice-Chancellor, Swinburne University
Hon Richard Marles, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation & Industry
9.10-9.45GMT overview and update
Pat McCarthy (GMTO)
9.45-10.15Mirror figuring and testing
Buddy Martin (SOML)
10.15-10.30Image quality at Las Campanas Observatory
David Floyd (UMelb)
10.30-11.00Morning tea
11.00-11.40Mirror phasing and AO
Marcos van Dam (Flat Wavefronts)
11.40-12.20Protoplanetary systems and planet formation
Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM) – by videocon
12.20-13.20 Lunch
13.20-14.00Extreme AO
Olivier Guyon (UAriz)
14.00-14.40Planet detection
Chris Tinney (UNSW)
In-Soo Yuk (KASI, Korea)
15.20-15.50 Afternoon tea
15.50-16.30GMTNIRS Science
David Yong (ANU)
16.30-17.10Stars and stellar populations
Anna Frebel (Harvard CfA)
17.10-17.30Color-magnitude diagrams of resolved stellar populations
Jeremy Mould (UMelb)
19.00-23.00 Meeting dinner - Melbourne Cricket Ground

Day 2 – Wed 16 June

9.00-9.40Faint object AO
Michael Hart (UAriz)
9.40-10.20Epoch of Reionization
Jamie Bolton (UMelb)
10.20-10.50 Morning tea
Peter McGregor (ANU)
11.30-12.10Wide field astronomy with GMT/MANIFEST
Matthew Colless (AAO)
12.10-12.50Galaxies at high redshift
Steven Finkelstein (Texas A&M)
13.50-14.30Galaxy assembly and evolution
Andrew Hopkins (AAO)
14.30-15.30"So you think you have a great idea for GMT?"
Sparkler Session (list of talks here)
15.30-16.00Afternoon tea
16.00-16.30Meeting Summary
Brian Schmidt (ANU)
16.30Meeting close

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