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The Swinburne Pulsar Group manages and develops a number of Open Source software projects that support pulsar research around the world. These are available on SourceForge under the Academic Free License.


A development library and set of applications for use in the archival and analysis of folded pulse profiles.


Digital signal processing for radio pulsar time series analysis. A modular DSP library is utilized by a multi-threaded data reduction application capable of 2-bit digitization corrections, phase-coherent dispersion removal, synthetic filterbank creation, polarimetric detection, and pulse folding, including single-pulse and multiple-pulsar (e.g. globular cluster) folding.


Tools for distributed acquisition and data analysis systems development. This software has evolved through the implementation of three real-time baseband recording and processing instruments: CPSR2, PuMa-II, and APSR. Modular clients that read or write to a flexible, multi-stream ring-buffer are used to manage data flow from acquisition hardware to analysis software on a workstation cluster. The monitor and control interface is viewed via web browser, and data can be sent to remote computing facilities via gridbus.