Evolve a Star with SSE


Mass:           (0.1 - 100 Msun)

Metallicity:    (0.0001 - 0.03)

Age:             (Myr)

Mass loss:    Yes    No

Stellar evolution is performed by the rapid single-star evolution (SSE) algorithm. This is a package of analytical formulae fitted to the detailed models of Pols et al. (1998) that covers all phases of evolution from the zero-age main-sequence up to and including remnant phases. It is valid for masses in the range 0.1-100 Msun and metallicity can be varied. The SSE package contains a prescription for mass loss by stellar winds. It also follows the evolution of rotational angular momentum for the star. Full details can be found in the SSE paper: Hurley, Pols & Tout (2000).

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