N-body Data Archive

Here you can download output files from N-body simulations that have been published in the literature. Each simulation is summarized in the table below according to choices made for the starting model, evolution, software and hardware. The file available for download provides parameters of the model cluster as it evolves, e.g. total mass, core-radius and relaxation time-scale. These can then be plotted as a function of time. At the foot of the file you can find an explanation of the data in each column and the FORTRAN FORMAT of the output.

The simulations also create a series of snapshot files that list stellar parameters, positions and velocities of all star/binaries at a particular time. Such files can be used to plot colour-magnitude diagrams and density profiles, for example. These are not currently available for download but can usually be provided upon request. Just send an e-mail to jhurley@swin.edu.au specifying the simulation and approximate output time of interest.

Ns Nb Tf profile SSE BSE Z tidal code Hardware refs.  
95000 5000 24400 Plummer yes yes 0.001 MW 8.5e0.0 NBODY4 G6 AMNH [9] download
12000 12000 4032 Plummer yes yes 0.02 MW 8.0e0.0 NBODY4 G6 AMNH [8] download
30000 0 10067 Plummer yes yes 0.03 MW 8.5e0.0 NBODY4 G6 AMNH [7] download
30000 0 10875 Plummer yes yes 0.0001 MW 8.5e0.0 NBODY4 G6 AMNH [7] download


  Ns number of single stars in starting model  
  Nb number of binaries in starting model  
  Tf evolution time [units = Myr]
  profile density profile of the starting model [options = Plummer, King, Isothermal]
  SSE stellar evolution [options = yes, off, other]
  BSE binary evolution [options = yes, off, other]
  Z metallicity (0.02 is solar)  
  tidal model of host galaxy tidal field [options = isolated, cut-off,
                       host-galaxy (perigalacticon)e(eccentricity)]
  code N-body code used for the simulation [options = NBODY4, NBODY6,NBODY6++, other]
  Hardware hardware used for the simulation [options = G6 AMNH, G6 IoA, SC Swin, workstation, other]
  refs. references for papers using this model [numbers refer to papers in overview, link is to ADS]


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