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Occasional PhD lectures

Occasional PhD lectures are aimed at a PhD student level and are being offered as non-assessable content that will expose PhD students to a wider astrophysics topic range than their individual thesis areas allows.

Statistics PhD Lecture series - August, 2012

Chris Blake delivered a 4-lecture course on practical statistics for astronomy PhD students. The slides and problem sets, plus some useful links, can be found on Chris Blake's page.

Cosmology PhD Lecture series - March, 2007

This PhD Lecture series occurred during March 5-12, 2007. The lecturers and titles were:

Karl Glazebrook (Swinburne)Intro. to Classical and Physical Cosmology
Chris Power (Swinburne)Large Scale Structure and Evolution
Chris Fluke (Swinburne)Gravitational Lensing: Strong, Weak and Microlensing
Paul Cally (Monash)Magnetohydrodynamics and Helioseismology

The timetable was:

Mon March 5KGKG KG_ClassicalCosmology.pdf KG_PhysicalCosmology.pdf KG_prob-sheet.pdf
Tue March 6KGCP CP_lecture1.ppt
Wed March 7CP CP_lecture2.ppt
Thu March 8CP CP_lecture3.ppt
Fri March 9CFCF
Mon March 12PCPC PC_Global.ppt PC_MHD.ppt