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Vivek Gupta

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are very mysterious astrophysical radio signals which most probably are originating outside our own galaxy. FRBs have perplexed astronomers for more than a decade now. To be able to unravel their mystery, we need to detect and localize the source of more and more FRBs. New telescopes are being developed across the globe and old ones are being renovated to achieve this goal.

I will be working towards developing observation strategies and detection algorithms which can be implemented across various observatories in order to maximise their ability to detect and localize FRBs. Further, I shall be analyzing the characteristics of detected FRB signals and trying to work out the physical processes causing them; and the properties of the Intergalactic Medium by decoupling the effect it has on the FRB signal as it travels through it.

Office   AMDC914