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Sara Webb

If looking for a needle in a haystack is hard, imagine looking for that one needle hidden somewhere in millions of haystacks with only limited amount of time to do so. The Deeper, Wider, Faster program looks to do just this with cosmic needles in cosmic haystacks. We are hunting for the rarest transients in the Universe, using a simultaneous, multi-wavelength, multi-facility observing approach to explore events on the scales of milliseconds-to-hours in real time. As well as searching for counter-parts to FRBs, supernova shock breakouts, prompt afterglows and other explosive events during DWF runs I work with our archival optical wide field data collected during these runs to catalogue fast cadenced light curves of all sources in the field. To rapidly explore the light curve data we have created I work with unsupervised machine learning techniques to discover anomalous sources.

Check out more about the DWF program here: and more about me here:

Phone   +61 3 9214 8708
Office   AR310E