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Dr. Stefan Oslowski

Stefan did his PhD on the highest precision pulsar timing at Swinburne University. He has now rejoined the pulsar group after working as a Humboldt Research Fellow in Germany. He worked in Bielefeld on LOFAR observations of pulsars and eclipsing binary pulsars among other topics.

He now takes part in upgrading the Molonglo Radio Observatory for observations of radio pulsars and searching for Fast Radio Bursts. The telescope's large field of view make it an excellent telescope for monitoring large swaths of sky for the mysterious FRBs. It also monitors a few hundred pulsars with high cadence in hope of catching rare phenomena such as glitches or pulse profile changes.

He is also involved in commissioning of MeerKAT, a Square Kilometre Array pathfinder in South Africa. Once operational, this telescope will be the most sensitive radio telescope in the southern hemisphere. A plethora of pulsar timing experiments will be possible with unprecedented precision. Such experiments allows studies of vast range of phenomena: from determining the equation of state of ultra-dense matter, plasma physics, through ionized interstellar medium, to testing theories of gravity and detecting gravitational waves, both indirectly and directly.

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