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Dr. Rob Bassett

My research background has been primarily focused spectroscopic observations of galaxies across cosmic time using both single spectra instruments and integral field spectroscopy (IFS). I have studied a variety of topics in this area including resolved gas and stellar kinematics and dust attenuation in turbulent disc galaxies at z~0.1 and kinematic versus morphological galaxy classifications of early type galaxies from the SAMI survey. I also have a keen interest in mock observations with a focus on mock IFS observations of hydrodynamical simulations. My two main projects in this area have focused on the origins of counter-rotating S0 galaxies (and counter-rotation in general) and the recovery of intrinsic, 3D galaxy shapes from IFS data. I am currently employed at Swinburne as a research associate in the ARC Centre of Excellence, ASTRO3D. The main focus of this position is to identify and characterise populations of Lyman continuum (hydrogen ionizing radiation) emitters beyond redshift 3. The goal of my research group is to identify proxies for the escape fraction of Lyman continuum emission that can be applied to galaxies observed during the epoch of reionization.

Phone   +61 3 9214 5706
Office   AR306