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Dr. Jielai Zhang

I am interested in developing techniques to see the Universe in a way that hasn't been seen before.

During my PhD, I helped develop a telescope that could see the faintest parts of galaxies never before seen, the Dragonfly Telephoto Array ( I led the development of the Dragonfly Pipeline. Using Dragonfly, our small team of four discovered a new class of galaxies that are very fluffy and faint, which our team named Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies.

I believe that doing things in new ways means getting inspiration from unusual places. After my PhD, I took on a Schmidt Science Fellowship ( at the University of Oxford working with the Noble group, and the NeuroImage group ( at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. There I learned how to use Machine Learning techniques for image analysis, and studied fetal brains.

I am now applying my skills to studying what the Universe looks like in time, on timescales that are under-explored: not just weeks, but days, hours, minutes, seconds and less. I do this as part of the Deeper Wider Faster Program (, and also via followup observations of gravitational wave events as part of OzGrav (

Phone   +613 9214 8406
Office   AR 208B
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