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Hasti Nateghi

One of the most pressing problems in galaxy formation and evolution is to understand how gas accretion and feedback influence the evolution of galaxies and the inter galactic medium (IGM). Stars cannot continue to form in galaxies over billions of years without a replenishment of gas in galaxies from the IGM while feedback from star formation and AGN activity can fuel massive outflows from a gas-rich galaxy that may choke off star formation. The competition between these regulating processes is played out at the interface between the galaxies and the IGM, a region now defined as the circum galactic medium (CGM). I am interested in studying galaxy evolution through the CGM using quasar absorption lines as a prob of cool ionised gas in galactic halo. By investigating the CGM of galaxies, I aim to address prominent questions like, ËœHow do galaxies sustain their star formation?â„¢ and, ËœWhat are the mechanisms which can eventually shut off to form passively evolving red galaxies?'

Phone   +61 3 9214 5622
Office   AR308D