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Hao Ding

Distances of radio-emitting bodies are essential in many senses. In my master’s program I made an exploratory astrometric work on the X-ray binary Aql X-1 and was a part of a team to constrain the time variability of the gravitational constant G by astrometry of PSR J0437-4715. During my PhD, I will mainly focus on extremely precise astrometry of millisecond pulsars (MSPs) under Dr. Deller with cutting-edge radio interferometry techniques. It is highly possible the precisely measured astrometric parameters of MSPs with radio interferometry will help improve the timing residual of MSPs, thus enhancing the sensitivity of PTAs in discovering nHz gravitational waves. Precise VLBI astrometry of MSPs also promises the less defined reference frame tie between ICRF2 and solar-centric reference frames.

Office   AMDC914a