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Dian Triani

Modelling of galaxy formation is a process that is tightly coupled with the dark matter simulation. Based on this, on my PhD thesis, I will be supervised by Prof. Darren Croton and Dr. Manodeep Sinha to make predictions for the SED of galaxies throughout its formation timeline.

The modelling of each SED includes modelling of the complex processes of galaxy evolution, such as gas accretion, star formation, supernova feedback, and dust physics. We will try to understand and place these processes into a consistent sequence and create the SED that comes from each. The synthetic SED then will be used to interpret observational results, focusing on the infrared light which is typically observed in the distant universe. This new SED model will enable us to create predictions of galaxy evolution, as probed through its SED, across the entire history of the universe.

Phone   +61 3 9214 4757
Office   SA113-B