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A. Prof. Deanne Fisher

Broadly speaking my research is characterizing the properties of galaxies and determining how they relate to galaxy evolution. I have used a large variety of observational methods in spanning a large range in wavelengths to do this. I am currently leading projects with Keck, ALMA, Gemini, Herschel and VLT. By gaining expertise in these wide range of techniques I can make direct comparisons of vastly different quantities to constrain models of galaxy evolution.

My current focus is on a sample turbulent, clumpy disk galaxies that we have discovered in the low-z Universe. This phase of galaxy evolution is normally only found at higher red shifts and therefore is normally subject to limitations in resolution and sensitivity. Because our galaxies (the DYNAMO sample) are so close we can use them as laboratories to study to processes in this exotic, yet important, population of galaxies.

Phone   +61 3 9214 4996
Office   AR 317
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