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Dorota Bayer

Different galaxy-formation scenarios within the concordance LCDM model and the various alternative dark-matter models predict significantly different levels of mass clumpiness/smoothness on the sub-galactic scales. My current scientific interest revolves around investigating the level of density fluctuations in real galaxies on 1-10 kpc scales by means of deep observations and modeling of galaxy-galaxy strong gravitational lens systems. Density fluctuations, if present in the lens galaxy or along its line-of-sight, result in perturbations to the otherwise smooth lensing potential and, consequently, induce observable surface-brightness anomalies in the lensed images of the background source. These anomalies can be modelled and traced back to the underlying density fluctuations, allowing one to constrain the level of mass clumpiness in the lens galaxy and, eventually, distinguish between the various cosmological models and galaxy-formation scenarios.

Office   AMDC 813C