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Dr. Colin Jacobs

My work involves the application of modern machine learning techniques, particularly deep neural networks, to astronomical discovery. My work has involved training computers to find rare gravitational lenses among hundreds of millions of sources in imaging surveys. Current work involves teaching machines to understand galaxy spectral data and the astrophysics that underlie them. I am a postdoc working on Prof. Karl Glazebrook's Laureate Fellowship, focused on understanding the earliest galaxies that will be revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope.

I have a BSc with Honours in Astrophysics and a BA in history from Monash University. Since graduating I spent six years in the San Francisco Bay Area working in various startups, then running my own business back in Australia. In the intervening years I have also spent short amounts of time living in Aachen, Germany and Shanghai, China. Most recently, I spent several years working in the federal parliament.

Phone   +61 3 9214 8128
Office   AMDC 813C
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