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Adam Batten

Most of the matter in the Universe resides in the void between galaxies known as The Intergalactic Medium (IGM) and understanding the IGM is crucial to many areas of astrophysics. During the era of the first stars and galaxy formation, the IGM provided the initial conditions from which galaxies grew. The IGM also is the reservoir from which galaxies feed to form stars and has thus played a critical role in galaxy evolution. My research is looking into different way we can probe the IGM through a combination of observations and simulations. I am using the EAGLE simulations to electron column density distributions to help estimate the distances to Fast Radio Bursts. I am also using MUSE observations of a quasar fields to determine if metal absorbers along the line-of-sight originate from the IGM or the circumgalactic medium. I also plan on creating mock MUSE observations using the Aurora simulations to trace these metal absorption systems back to their originating galaxy during the epoch of reionisation.

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