Setting Up Your Email Forward

  • All SAO students are automatically given a Swinburne email account which will be set to (where 1234567 are the first 7 digitis of your user ID).
  • Swinburne has upgraded from Student Email from Live@edu to Office 365 as of 2 July 2013.

  • Swinburne student email is now provided by Office 365, which provides an improved email and calendaring service, and your Swinburne email can be accessed via Outlook. For information, see
  • To login to Swinburne your email, go to and use the following login details:
      Login: [studentID]
      Default Password: Date of birth (DDMMYY)
      Email Address: [studentID]
  • To receive your weekly SAO update emails, you must either read your mail through Outlook, or set up an email forward to your usual email address.
  • If you access your email through a provider other than Swinburne, it is your responsibility to ensure that your Swinburne email is redirected to your private email address. For instructions, see