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Visitor Program

The Centre provides (partial) support for visitors to come and work with Centre staff and students. Interested parties should contact a Centre staff member to sponsor their application to the Centre's visitor fund. They should provide a 1 page summary of the work they would like to undertake at Swinburne. A brief CV should also be attached, and any external support listed. Applications are considered on a monthly basis.

Past Visitors

Name Home Institute Dates Room Host
Ingrid Stairs University of British Colombia 01 Mar - 31 Aug, 2009 Bailes
Roberto Abraham University of Toronto 8 Dec - 12 Dec, 2008 AR310b Glazebrook
Taft Armandroff WM Keck Observatory 19 Nov - 21 Nov, 2008 AR202a
William Harris McMaster University 30 Sep - 28 Oct, 2008 AR313 Hurley
Bob Carswell Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge 02 Sep - 01 Oct, 2008 AR313 Murphy
Busaba Kramer National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand 13 Aug - 19 Sep, 2008 Bains
Michael Kramer Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics 19 May - 19 Sep, 2008 AR202a Bailes
Yashwant Gupta NCRA, India 2008
Bill Smith AURA 2008
Pavel Kroupa Bonn University 2007